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Christmas itemsCandle holder   Candlestick (KONSTSMIDE)   Candlestick (metal chandelier battery operated)   Candlestick (unlit decoration)   Candlestick (wooden candlestick battery operated)   Candlestick (wooden candlestick)   Candlesticks (hanging and table decoration)Candlesticks   Candlesticks (KONSTSMIDE)   Candlesticks (metal candlesticks)   Candlesticks (metal candlesticks, battery operated)   Candlesticks (wooden candlesticks)   Candlesticks (wooden candlesticks, battery operated)Christmas decoration   Christmas decoration (branded product)   Christmas Decoration (Illuminated Decoration)   Christmas decoration (infinity mirror effect)   Christmas decoration (KONSTSMIDE)   Christmas decoration (LED system panels)   Christmas decoration (light effects)   Christmas decoration (nativity scene lighting)   Christmas decoration (tree tops)   Christmas decoration (unlit decoration)   Christmas decoration (wax candles)   Christmas decoration (wooden candlestick)   Christmas decoration (wooden chandelier battery operated)   Christmas decorations (accessories)   Christmas decorations (Best Season)   Christmas decorations (Christmas pyramids)   Christmas decorations (decorative accessories)   Christmas decorations (hanging and table decorations)   Christmas decorations (hanging decorations)   Christmas decorations (lanterns)   Christmas decorations (Lotti Importex)   Decoration (hanging and table decoration)   Decoration (unlit decoration)Fairy lights   (Miniature outer chains 230V - KONSTSMIDE)   Battery inner chains (Best Season)   Battery inner chains (EGB)   Battery inner chains (KONSTSMIDE)   Battery inner chains (tree tops)   Battery outer chains (Lotti Importex)   Fairy lights (Christmas tree stands)   Fairy lights (EGB)   Fairy lights (HELLUM)   Fairy lights (KONSTSMIDE)   Fairy lights (KRINNER)   Fairy lights (Lotti Importex)   Light curtains (KONSTSMIDE)   Light curtains (Lotti Importex)   Miniatur-Außenketten (Lichteffekte)   Miniature external chains, battery operated (Lotti Importex)   Miniature inner chains (Best Season)   Miniature inner chains (branded product)   Miniature inner chains (EGB)   Miniature inner chains (KONSTSMIDE)   Miniature inner chains (Lotti Importex)   Miniature inner chains 230V (KONSTSMIDE)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (Best Season)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (EGB)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (KONSTSMIDE)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (light effects)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (Lotti Importex)   Miniature inner chains battery operated (nativity scene lighting)   Miniature outer chains (Best Season)   Miniature outer chains (EGB)   Miniature outer chains (KONSTSMIDE)   Miniature outer chains (LED system 31V black)   Miniature outer chains (LED system 31V transparent)   Miniature outer chains (LED system fairy lights 30V)   Miniature outer chains (Lotti Importex)   Miniature outer chains (Saico)   Miniature outer chains (system LED fairy lights 24V)   Miniature outer chains (system LED light chains 230V)   Miniature outer chains 230V (KONSTSMIDE)   Miniature outer chains, battery operated (EGB)   Miniature outer chains, battery operated (KONSTSMIDE)Glow sticks   Glow sticks (Konstsmide)   Glow sticks (Saico)Original Erzgebirge   Original Erzgebirge (accessories)   Original Erzgebirge (handicraft sets)   Original Erzgebirge (hanging decoration)   Original Erzgebirge (Incense Smoker)   Original Erzgebirge (light pyramids)   Original Erzgebirge (light towers)   Original Erzgebirge (pyramids)   Original Erzgebirge (round arches)   Original Erzgebirge (Schwibbögen)   Original Erzgebirge (tealight candlestick)   Original Erzgebirge (tealight pyramids)   Original Erzgebirge (tree decorations)   Original Erzgebirge (window pictures)   Original Erzgebirge (wooden cards)   Original Erzgebirge (wooden figures)Replacement lamps   Replacement bulbs (Best Season)   Replacement lamp (HELLUM)   Replacement lamps (EGB)   Replacement lamps (KONSTSMIDE)   Replacement lamps (Lichteffekte)   Replacement lamps (OSRAM)   Replacement lamps (sonstige)Silhouettes   Silhouettes (Best Season)   Silhouettes (HELLUM)   Silhouettes (Infinity Mirror Effect)   Silhouettes (KONSTSMIDE)   Silhouettes (Lotti Importex)   Silhouettes (Riffelmacher)   Silhouettes (Saico)